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Easy School App Software Solutions:
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We provide easy-to-use, cloud-based school software solutions at an unbeatable price with more than 11 years of experience in the education field. More than 200 schools trust ESA School App to help optimize and simplify their daily operations.

There are no hidden fees and our solution is the lowest priced on the market. Sign-up for a Free Trial or Request a Demo today.

EZ School Lunch POS

Our EZ School Lunch Point of Sale (POS) software enables you to take control of your cafeteria. Our robust POS system offers lunch pre-ordering online with a calendar-based menu, and the flexibility to pay from any computer or phone.

$ 695 /year

    Popular Features
  • Online parent payment/preordering
  • Free and reduced lunch tracking
  • Accept credit card, cash, or check

EZ Substitute Management

Our EZ Substitute Management software simplifies substitute placements for teacher absences by bringing the entire process online. Track absences and alert substitutes of available positions via email and mobile alerts.

$ 500 /year

    Popular Features
  • Automated substitute scheduling
  • Text, email, and phone alerts
  • Post new jobs in seconds

EZ After School Care

Our EZ After School Care software tracks the check-in and check-out time of students and automatically calculates amounts owed. Parents can pay balances online or preorder child care days ahead of time.

$ 500 /year

    Popular Features
  • Track check-in/out times
  • Accept online payments
  • Set automatic check-in/out times

EZ School Lunch Catering

Our EZ School Lunch Catering software is a full Point of Sale (POS) with free and reduced lunch tracking. Parents can sign-up to preorder meals while you, the caterer, decide if they prepay or post-pay balances.

$ 695 /year

    Popular Features
  • Accept online payments
  • Minimize food waste with pre-ordering
  • Simple reports for reimbursement

EZ Substitute Agency

Our EZ Substitute Agency software helps agencies manage any employee absences and fill these with substitutes. The subs then receive alerts and can accept jobs from an app on their phone or computer.

$ 2.00 /filled job

    Popular Features
  • Submit absences/ accept jobs online
  • Track employee attendance
  • Text and/or email alerts

ESA School Payments

Our ESA School Payments software helps schools collect payments and provides an easy and secure way for parents to pay any school fees. Perfect for field trips, sports, clubs, or any additional fee collection.

$ 500 /year

    Popular Features
  • Accept cash, check or credit card
  • Easily track who has paid
  • Detailed finance reporting available