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Africa Best school Company

ESA is a schools management software. It helps in learning, testing and administration activities. It manages all elements of school information system including students, courses, exams teachers and employees and also help in adapting our educational system.

ESA was develop with the mind of group programmers in other to bring education closer to schools in Africa and to improve the mind of childern and exposed them to the technologycal world so that they can fit in .

ESA is free and all services, we are moving a resarch to understand the methods our young students understand tech and also enhancing their performance.

ESA is trying to reach out with Google with the G-Suite and classroom system to help improving our education system in Africa

ESA will also help the students to focus on his/her dream in life and uderstand the path he/she is doing well

I will encorage you to join ESA to help bulid our education system and briging out a good product for our government for tomorrow leaders.

-Standhope Ronnie

CEO, RostFum Solid Ventures